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Warm jackets: Practical & modern
You trudge through the snowy street towards the bus stop and pull your bobble hat down over your face. It's damn cold, but your lined winter jacket keeps you warm. In the afternoon the snow has turned to mud and it is raining. You quickly pull on the hood of your waterproof parka and make your way home. When you're warm and dry by

when the cold season is coming, a men's winter jacket simply belongs in your

Wardrobe. Take a look around our online shop and discover Indicode jackets for winter that look great and are warm and comfortable to wear. Here we tell you what you need to consider when buying a winter jacket and which models are currently popular.

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  • Casual or elegant: which winter jacket suits you?
  • High-tech fabrics or wool: which materials keep you warm?
  • Care tips: This way you can enjoy your jacket for a long time
  • Warm and stylish through the winter: Indicode winter jackets casual or elegant: Which winter jacket suits you?

Casual & trendy winter jackets

You like casual streetwear styles like jeans and sweater? Then your jacket for the winter should also be casual. A lined, regular-fit bomber jacket has a relaxed fit. A camouflage winter jacket guarantees an authentic military look. Down jackets for men are always popular. A quilted jacket with a down look provides optimal warmth and goes well with jeans and fabric pants. Whether biker style or sporty with a hood, Indicode imitation leather jackets are available in many variants. The masculine styles in a regular fit offer protection against moisture and wind and leave room for warm things underneath.

Functional & sporty outdoor jackets
Sporty men who spend a lot of time outside in winter cannot avoid a warm outdoor jacket. Thanks to water- and wind-repellent high-tech materials, you can defy the weather in a sporty parka and enjoy warm comfort. Parka-style winter jackets usually reach up to the thigh and are super practical thanks to their many pockets. With a hard-wearing winter work jacket, you are well equipped for outdoor work. So that the look is not neglected despite all functionality, you will find men's winter jackets with colorful zippers or parkas with faux fur trimmings at Indicode.

Elegant & stylish winter jackets
If you like elegant looks and feel comfortable in a suit, a timeless men's coat is just right for you. Single or double-breasted short coats in grey, beige or black are stylish and complement a suit in everyday working life. A coat that contains wool reliably warms you up and keeps you dry. You can wear a modern business coat made of functional fabric in a gentlemanly manner with a suit or casually with jeans. It guarantees stylish appearances and optimal protection against moisture, wind and cold.

High-tech fabrics or wool: which materials keep you warm?
If the thermometer falls below zero, a winter jacket for men offers optimal protection against frosty temperatures, snow and wind. The material of your jacket is decisive for a warm and dry wearing comfort.To make it easier for you to decide on a specific model, here is a brief overview of the different materials for winter jackets:

Down: Ultra-light and warming
A down winter jacket or a model with a down look scores with excellent warming properties and optimal temperature compensation Sweat. Indicode winter jackets with a down look have a synthetic fiber filling.

The high-quality material warms optimally and ensures that the men's quilted jackets in contrast

retain their puffy shape when wet compared to real down jackets.

Wool: Breathable and dirt-repellent

Jackets and Wool coats with a high proportion of wool warm effectively and look classy. Due to the natural properties of the animal fiber, woolen jackets are breathable, dirt-repellent and, to a certain extent, water-repellent.

High-tech fibres: water- and wind-repellent
Indicode men's winter jackets made of modern synthetic fibers such as polyester or polyamide are characterized by a high level of comfort. Jackets made of functional fabrics are lightweight and provide optimal warmth. Certain textile finishes include Indicode

Bomber winter jackets or imitation leather jackets resistant to moisture, dirt and wind. Padding or inner lining made of fleece or faux fur ensure a cozy feeling. Another advantage: jackets made of synthetic fibers are usually easy to care for and dry quickly.

Care tips: this way you can enjoy your jacket for a long time
Most winter jackets made from functional materials can be machine washed at 30 °C.

Quilted jackets with synthetic fiber fillings are dried in an airy place after washing. A down winter jacket must be washed with a special wool detergent. To prevent the down from sticking together, down jackets are then put in the dryer together with tennis balls or dryer balls. Since a wool coat is dirt-repellent and hardly absorbs any odors, it only needs to be worn every now and then

to be brushed out and aired out. The following applies to all winter jackets: Be sure to follow the care instructions on the sewn-in label.

Warm and stylish through the winter: Indicode winter jackets

You see, winter jackets for men come in countless variations and materials. Whether you are on the

If you are looking for a casual bomber winter jacket, a sporty men's parka or a modern short coat, every Indicode winter jacket will keep you warm and is guaranteed to be trend-oriented

Statements. Upgrade your winter outfits and find the right jacket for:

Casual statements: With their loose fit and cool designs, bomber jackets or biker jackets ensure trendy streetwear looks. A popular classic is the down winter jacket. Cuddly lined and equipped with a hood and zip, you can withstand the lowest temperatures in an Indicode jacket with a down look.

Sporty statements: Do you like sporty outfits? No problem, you can with an outdoor jacket

Winter adventures begin. The parka has long had its place in the winter wardrobe of active men. Work winter jackets are hard-wearing and comfortable. The casual models keep you warm and give you freedom of movement for outdoor activities.

Elegant statements: Whether short or long, a wool coat is an ultimate classic and guarantees you an elegant appearance. Like a gentleman, you can wear a double-breasted men's short coat with a suit or casually with jeans. Wool jackets and coats look elegant and reliably protect against cold and moisture