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Indicode Men's Jake Super Stretch 90% Cotton 5 Pocket Jeans

Indicode Men's Jake Super Stretch 90% Cotton 5 Pocket Jeans

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€49,99 EURFrom €29,99 EUR
Indicode men's Fabrizio trousers with 4 pockets

Indicode men's Fabrizio trousers with 4 pockets

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€49,99 EURFrom €19,99 EUR
Indicode Men's Boston 5 Pocket Jeans

Indicode Men's Boston 5 Pocket Jeans

€49,99 EURFrom €24,99 EUR

Finally the weekend. You hang your suit on the hanger and throw the business shirt in the laundry basket. Half an hour later you jump on your bike and cycle in the direction of the old town. It's cooled down quite a bit. Glad you put on your long jeans. It sits wonderfully loose and goes great with a slim shirt and biker jacket. Your favorite jeans have accompanied you on many adventures, let's see how the date goes today? It is not for nothing that men's jeans are one of the absolute favorites in the wardrobe. Casual, cool and comfortable, you can combine the former work trousers of the Californian gold diggers in many different ways and wear them on almost any occasion. In our jeans guide, we introduce you to different types of pants and tell you how to find and care for the right pair of jeans.

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  • Fits from slim to loose fit- How do I style jeans correctly?
  • How do I find the right pant size?
  • How do I wash men's jeans?
  • Indicode jeans from casual to stylish

Fits from slim to loose fit

Jeans come in so many washes, looks and cuts that it's easy to lose track. So that you don't get lost in the denim jungle, we present the most important fits here:

Regular Fit Jeans: Jeans with a regular or straight fit are the ultimate denim classic. Characteristic of this cut is the straight cut leg. Regular-fit trousers look equally good on both slim and larger men. If you want to buy timeless jeans, you are in the right place with a straight fit model.

Tip: regular fit pants are the right length if they lie slightly on the back of the shoe.

Loose Fit Jeans: This cut is perfect for men who like to wear casual trousers. Loose fit jeans have a wide cut and give you plenty of freedom of movement. Due to their loose fit, the wide denims are recommended for men with a strong physique.

Tapered Fit Jeans: Jeans with a tapered fit are slightly looser on the thighs and narrow towards the hem. Since the trousers are cut slightly lower in the crotch, they sit loosely on the hips. Thanks to the carrot shape, the tapered jeans caress muscular thighs.

Slim Fit Jeans: This fit stands for narrow trousers. They trace the figure and are not as skin-tight as skinny fit models. Slim fit jeans are particularly good for men who are slim or petite. The narrow cut also makes small men appear larger. A proportion of elastane guarantees pleasant wearing comfort.

How do I style jeans correctly?

From a round of frisbees in the park to partying in the club, jeans go with just about everything. You can wear the durable denim men's pants for both official and casual occasions.

In the office & on occasions: With a dark blue or black regular fit jeans, a

You are stylishly dressed in the office with a button-down shirt and jacket. Wear with this office outfit

Suit shoes or elegant boots. If there is an official appointment, dark slim-fit trousers in combination with a white shirt, men's waistcoat and suit jacket are stylish. A tie and handkerchief complete the elegant outfit. Important: loose fit or boot cut jeans look too casual and are inappropriate in everyday office life.

In leisure time & in the club: used washes, washed-outs, colored jeans or destroyed looks, jeans for leisure time are available in numerous looks Combination of t-shirt or

Sweatshirts and jeans always work. Hoodie and sneakers give your outfit a sporty casualness.

In the club, a combination of a tank top, slim-fit men's trousers and a leather jacket is cool and masculine. Do you want to wear denim styles in the complete look? Then you should combine jeans, a denim shirt and a denim jacket in different washes and shades of blue.

How do I find the right pant size?

The size of a pair of jeans is usually given in American inches (2.54 cm). When specifying the size, the first number refers to the waist size (W), the second number indicates the length (L). You can determine your jeans size like this:

Waist size: Measure your waist size. If you divide the measured value by 2.54, you get the waist size in inches.

Length: Determine your inseam length by measuring the inside of your legs from the crotch to the sole of your foot. Divide the value by 2.54 and you get the length.

How do I wash men's jeans?

In general, jeans should not be washed too often, otherwise they will lose their color more quickly. So that you can enjoy your trousers for a long time, here are a few care tips for jeans:

  • Only wash a pair of jeans when it is really necessary and at the earliest after wearing them 5 times. - You can remove smaller stains with warm water and soap.
  • Bad smells disappear through thorough airing
  • So that dark jeans don't lose their color so quickly, you can put them in a plastic bag in the freezer for a few hours. Due to the minus temperatures, bacteria and

Effectively eliminates odors

  • Turn jeans inside out before washing
  • Jeans can be washed at 40 °C with a color detergent.
  •  Jeans are best dried lying down. Many models are also suitable for tumble drying

Indicode jeans from casual to stylish

In the Indicode online shop you are on the right track to your new favorite pair of jeans. Whether timeless regular or casual loose fit, at Indicode you can shop for Indicode jeans that perfectly suit you and your style. Depending on the wash, jeans are the perfect accompaniment in almost all situations, as they can easily be combined chic and cool. Take a look around our online shop and discover men's jeans from Indicode in many fits:

Straight fit Jeans: Jeans with a straight or regular fit are timeless all-rounders for leisure and work. It doesn't matter whether you're short, tall, slim or stronger, regular fit jeans suit every man.

Loose fit jeans: Do you like to dress casually? With their loose cut and comfortable leg width, loose fit jeans are great for casual street styles. Strong, athletic and tall men in particular benefit from this fit.

Tapered Fit Jeans: With their slightly dropped crotch, the tapered jeans sit loosely on the hips. The conical leg shape of the pants, which are wide at the top and narrower towards the hem, conceals stronger thighs.

Slim Fit Jeans: Pants with a slim fit are characterized by a slim fit. With their narrow cut, these jeans emphasize the leg and optically stretch it. Slim fit jeans are suitable for slim men.