You really want this job. But what do you wear to an interview? You stand helplessly in front of your closet. Jeans, pullover and winter jacket are too casual and the suit is too elegant.

In the afternoon after the interview, you leave the office building. As an icy wind

touches you, you turn up your coat collar. It's good that you decided on the short coat, the turtleneck sweater and the chinos. You made a good impression in the outfit and now the lined men's coat protects you perfectly from the winter cold. Whether in professional life or on official occasions, you are stylishly dressed with an Indicode coat. We'll tell you everything you need to know about coats.

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  • Coats from classic to sporty
  • Casual & elegant: combine the men's coat properly
  • How to find the right coat fit
  • Wool or faux leather? You can choose between these materials-      Stylish through the cold season: Indicode coats

Coats from classic to sporty

A coat not only accompanies you through autumn and winter, a wool coat also keeps us cozy and warm on cool spring days. Stylish with a suit or casual with jeans, modern coats open up numerous opportunities for you to show your best side.

Classic coats

A timeless wool coat complements the suit perfectly on cold days and keeps you warm.

Classic men's coats have a lapel and a single-row button placket with three buttons.

While long coats look very elegant, short coats look modern and casual. Winter coats in grey, brown or black can be combined very well. The duffle coat stands for authentic British chic. A toggle closure, a hood and large patch pockets are typical of the wool coat. Since the iconic wool coat looks too casual with a suit, it is the ideal companion for jeans and chinos.

Casual Winter Coats

If your favorite styles include jeans, sweaters and boots, then a casual coat is perfect for you. Comfortably cut, double-breasted short coats from Indicode feature wide lapels and flap pockets. This type of coat is also known as a caban jacket. Men who like robust looks are trendy with a warmly lined short leather coat. A men's coat with a stand-up collar and many pocket details creates a stylish twist between a winter jacket and a short coat.

Sporty outdoor coats

You like sporty and functional coats? A long parka with hood protects against rain, cold and wind and stands for a sporty lifestyle. Thanks to many pockets, sporty parkas men offer plenty of storage space for smartphones, keys etc. In autumn and winter, lined coats with hoods and faux fur trimmings guarantee warm wearing comfort. Functional fabrics provide optimal protection against wind and rain.

Casual & elegant: combine the men's coat properly

Elegant: For an elegant look, you should match the color of your coat and suit. A dark blue wool coat with lapels goes great with a black suit and a light blue shirt. Dress shoes and a checked woven scarf complete the look.

Casual: Combine a double-breasted short coat in gray with black jeans and a turtleneck sweater.The casual, modern outfit is rounded off by rough boots, a woolen hat and an XXL scarf

Fashionable: If you want to attract attention with your coat, you will find coats with a stand-up collar at Indicode, which thanks to a combination of classic button closure and cool zip details

Attract looks. Wear flashy coats best with discreet pants and tops.

Sporty: For sporty layering, combine a hooded men's coat with jogger pants and sweater. Hi-top sneakers and a beanie complement the sporty outfit.

How to find the right coat fit

Slightly waisted models with a slim fit look good on slim men. If you have a muscular figure and broad shoulders, you should choose a coat with a regular or loose fit. In men with

A single-breasted coat looks good on the abdomen. Double-breasted wool coats are perfect for slim men. If you want to buy a short coat to wear with a suit, it is important that the coat has enough space for the suit and is longer than the jacket.

Tip: A men's coat fits perfectly when the closed button placket runs straight.

Wool or faux leather? You can choose between these materials:

The material not only determines the look of the coat, but also how comfortable it is to wear. To make your search for a suitable model easier, you can find information on the various materials here.

Wool: Wool naturally has warming and temperature-regulating properties. A wool coat is dirt-repellent and, to a certain extent, resistant to moisture.

Cotton: The vegetable fiber has a soft feel and is kind to the skin. Since cotton is not water-repellent, coats are usually made of a functional material mix with a percentage of cotton.

Leather: An Indicode leather winter coat is robust and protects you from wind and weather. Men's coats made of smooth leather are hard-wearing and easy to care for. Models made of suede spoil you with a velvety soft surface.

Softshell: The water- and wind-repellent material is mainly used for functional coats. A short coat made of light soft shell is suitable for outdoor activities on rainy days.

Stylish through the cold season: Indicode coats

Coats for men can be found in the Indicode online shop for every clothing style and occasion. The designs range from modern and sporty to timelessly elegant. Whether you choose a short coat with a stand-up collar or a winter coat with a hood depends entirely on your lifestyle.

You can also choose between warm wool blends or waterproof and windproof functional textiles when it comes to the material. Which Indicode coat ultimately finds its way into your wardrobe is of course entirely up to you. The most important things are summarized here:

  • Classic men's coats come with lapels, button placket and flap pockets. Indicode wool coats look elegant and guarantee warm wearing comfort. With a duffle coat you buy a coat in Brit chic with cult status.
  • Casual coats are perfect for winter in the city. A wide-cut short coat offers space for a warm sweater. Double-breasted button plackets, pocket details and different collar solutions give Indicode models trendy impulses.
  • Sporty winter coats score with a comfortable fit and practical features. With a hooded parka you are sporty in winter and thanks to functional materials you are protected from wind and weather.