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The sun is shining and you are strolling along the beach promenade with your girlfriend. You're happy to finally be able to wear your airy linen shorts. After a long day at the beach you jump into the shower and enjoy the little cool down. We're about to go to the candlelight dinner and you're really looking forward to the evening for two. Freshly showered, you step into your elegant linen trousers and pull on your shirt. Now put on the moccasins and you are stylishly dressed for the evening. In this guide you can read why linen trousers are so comfortable to wear in summer and how you can best combine them.

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  • Caring tips for your linen trousers
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Airy and light: the advantages of linen trousers

Linen pants are the ultimate summer piece. Whether for warm days in the city or trips to the

South, in men's linen trousers you won't sweat so easily. Natural linen is obtained from the flax plant and is characterized by its breathable and temperature-regulating properties. Since linen quickly wicks moisture away to the outside, linen trousers are pleasantly cool to wear on hot days. Many men's trousers are made from a linen-cotton mix. They combine the breathable advantages of linen with the soft and skin-friendly wearing properties of cotton. A loose cut underlines the cool wearing comfort of the summer pants.

Casual and stylish all-rounders

Trousers made of linen impress with a successful twist of casualness and elegance. With long linen trousers, men are stylishly dressed for many occasions in summer. Whether casual or serious, thanks to a large variety of designs, you will find pants in different styles for office and leisure at Indicode.

Long linen pants

Long linen chinos are a summery all-rounder that you can combine casually for a stroll through the city and serious for the office. Jog pants with a drawstring made from a linen mix are super casual basics for uncomplicated casual looks. In cargo pants you are for

Well dressed for outdoor adventures in summer. Classically cut fabric trousers in a regular fit with straight legs exude elegance.

Linen shorts:

Shorts and bermudas are the favorite pieces of most men in summer. Linen shorts are very comfortable to wear on hot days and spoil you with a comfortable fit. Depending on the occasion, you can choose between models for leisure and everyday work. Linen shorts with pleats in a business style ensure a well-groomed appearance and can be worn with a casual dress code in the office. Cargo-style Bermuda shorts are great for sporty men. Short linen pants with a rolled-up hem and numerous imitation leather details stand for summery street styles.

Fashionable outfits with men's summer pants

Long or short summer trousers open up numerous possibilities for you to give your look a relaxed or elegant touch. Depending on the model, you can combine linen trousers in very different ways. Here are a few styling tips

Combine casual linen trousersIn leisure time and on vacation, short linen trousers are unbeatably airy and light on hot days.

You can combine cargo-style shorts with a t-shirt or tank top. Sneakers or toe separators complete the outfit. If it gets chilly in the evening, you simply put on a hoodie.Your statement will be chic with simple gray Bermuda shorts, a white shirt, moccasins and a light sweater

Long linen trousers are a good choice for a garden party or going to a restaurant. Combined with a loosely cut linen shirt, the result is a complete look that smartly complements men's loafers.

Tip: Linen trousers look particularly casual when you roll them up.

Elegantly combine linen trousers

Linen pants with straight legs are a good choice for the office. Trousers in grey, blue or

Natural tones form a tasteful basis for office outfits. Combine with a

Button-down shirt or a plain polo shirt. A linen jacket and dress shoes give the look an elegant impulse.

Which pants fit suits you?

In order for you to look and feel good in your new pants, they should have the right fit. Here is a brief overview of the different pant fits:

Regular Fit: Linen pants with a regular or straight fit have a straight leg and a loose fit. Models with a regular fit can be worn by slim and stronger men. If you buy long men's trousers, they should lie lightly on the back of the shoe.

Tapered fit: Tapered trouser legs are typical of this trouser cut, which are cut looser on the thighs and narrow towards the hem. Tapered linen trousers look just as good on slim men as they do on men with strong thighs.

Loose fit: Linen pants with a wide fit are the ideal summer pants. Thanks to the wide leg, they ensure airy wearing comfort and, thanks to adjustable drawstrings, are not constricting at the waist. Loose-fit trousers conceal problem areas and are also great for stronger men.

Caring tips for your linen trousers

Men's trousers made of linen are easy to care for and hard-wearing. Our care instructions tell you how to wash linen trousers so that they stay beautiful for a long time:

  • Linen can withstand higher temperatures, so you can machine wash linen trousers at 40 degrees
  • To prevent creases, you should not spin linen
  • Hang your pants up soaking wet and let them dry in an airy place
  • Linen trousers are easier to iron if you dampen them before ironing

Indicode - linen trousers for every situation

With men's linen trousers in your luggage, you can enjoy your holiday in the south with a cool head. Even on hot days in the city, long trousers are stylish and airy. Let yourself be inspired by the wide range of men's trousers in the Indicode online shop! Here you will discover casual linen trousers, sporty shorts and timeless trousers for work and leisure.

For the office you will find business shorts and simple trousers at Indicode. Models in muted colors look serious and can be combined in many ways with shirts and jackets.

For your free time, choose sporty linen shorts that you wear with a t-shirt or tank top. Whether sporty cargo-style shorts or simple Bermuda shorts, you have the choice with us. If you're going to a party or a restaurant, long linen trousers with a shirt are just right for a casual, elegant statement.