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You're finally home after a long day at work. You quickly undo the tie knot and take off business shirt and suit pants. Shortly afterwards you are standing on the terrace in a flannel shirt and cargo shorts and taking a deep breath. The soft shirt is cozy and warm and ideal for the

Suitable for grilling in spring. On Saturday you can look forward to your first drive in a convertible in this

year. Since the spring sun is already warming you up, you only wear a simple long-sleeved shirt under your leather jacket and enjoy the warm wind. With shirts and long sleeves you are well prepared for many situations in life. Read everything you need to know about men's shirts and long-sleeved shirts here.

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Long-sleeved shirts: Casual basics for cool days

Are you looking for a trendy and warm shirt with long sleeves? A long-sleeved shirt not only looks great, but also spoils you with its soft and warm wearing comfort. Indicode long sleeves show themselves

in simple looks and score with sophisticated details. With a long-sleeved shirt in a slim fit, you emphasize your well-trained upper body. A Henley long-sleeved shirt with a round neckline and button placket is a stylish alternative to a men's shirt. Sporty

Looks promise rugby-style shirts with raglan sleeves in contrasting colors. Refined

Edges, leather patches and subtle contrasts give timeless long-sleeved shirts individuality.

Shirts: all-rounders with style

Shirt is not just a shirt. Casual shirts are casually styled with prints and cool details, while business shirts are usually of timeless, simple elegance. The denim shirt is a classic with a casual touch. Different washes create sophisticated effects. In summer, a short-sleeved shirt with an all-over print made of airy cotton is comfortable and stylish. With a flannel shirt you are always right in autumn. Cozy, warm lined men's checked shirts in a lumberjack look can be worn as a jacket. For special occasions you should have an elegant shirt in white or light blue in your closet. Black casual shirts guarantee cool statements.

Long-sleeved shirts for everyday use, office and sport

Comfortable and easy-care, long-sleeved T-shirts accompany modern casual looks and can replace a shirt in the office. Men also wear long sleeves for sports or a relaxing day on the couch and enjoy wearing comfort and style.

Casually styled for everyday use

If you like to wear sporty styles in your free time, you are casually dressed with a narrow long shirt with a hood and a leather jacket. A hoodie with a front print goes well with baggy jeans, while a simple model complements chinos.

Casually styled in the office

You can wear long-sleeved shirts in white or black with a suit. Single-colored shirts with long sleeves also look elegant with jeans. For a casual, elegant look, combine a long-sleeved shirt with an open shirt and chinos.

Sporty styled to the gym

A long-sleeved shirt made from functional materials is a great training shirt for autumn and winter

Together with sports trousers and a soft shell jacket, you are well equipped for outdoor sports.

Long shirts with fleece hoods keep you warm and guarantee breathable comfort.

Shirts for occasions & everyday life

Not only the job or official occasions are reasons to wear shirts. Thanks to the wide range of casual designs, you are by no means overdressed in a men's casual shirt for meeting friends or on a date.

Elegantly styled in the office or at parties

On official occasions, a form-fitting shirt in light blue looks elegant under a dark blue jacket. Button-down shirts create a hybrid twist of sporty and elegant. They appear less "stiff" and look good without a tie with a suit. A shirt with a stand-up collar in white is modern and stylish and can be combined with black jeans.

Casual styled through everyday life

A classic checked lumberjack shirt that you wear with jeans and boots gives you a relaxed look. Like a jacket, you can wear casual shirts with a front zip. For example, combine a cord shirt jacket with a long-sleeved shirt, chinos and sneakers. Men's denim shirts are making a comeback and are worn with jeans and a denim jacket for a complete look.

This is how men's shirts and long-sleeved shirts fit properly

With our six tips for the right fit, you'll be perfectly dressed in a shirt and long-sleeved shirt and show your best side.

  1. Long-sleeved shirts in a narrow fit only look good on slim men. If you have a slight tummy, long-sleeved shirts with a regular fit are advantageous.
  2. Long sleeves have the right hem or sleeve length if the hem reaches to the hipbone and the sleeves end at the base of the thumb.
  3. A slim fit shirt shouldn't feel tight on the upper arms or across the stomach. More heavily built men are better off wearing regular or loose fit shirts.
  4. The shirt collar fits perfectly if there is still a finger's width between the collar and the neck.
  5. Shirt sleeves are the correct length when the cuff comes to about the base of the thumb. The sleeve should also protrude about 1-2 centimeters below the pullover or jacket sleeve.
  6. If a shirt doesn't slip out of the waistband when you sit down or raise your arms, it's the perfect length.

Indicode long-sleeved shirts & shirts for leisure and occasions

In our online shop you will find a huge range of Indicode men's shirts and long sleeves in discreet and fashionable designs. Whether it's a casual Henley shirt with leather patches or a classic model with a turtleneck, whether a warm flannel shirt or an airy cotton shirt with an all-over print, you're sure to find what you're looking for at Indicode.

For leisure time: you can never have enough long-sleeved shirts in a simple Nordic look. Long-sleeved men's shirts in natural tones go well with jeans or corduroy pants and can be worn cool with leather jackets or sporty with hooded sweat jackets. In a plain-colored leisure shirt you are by no means overdressed on a date or at a party. A lumberjack shirt is comfortable and nice and warm in winter. A short-sleeved shirt with an exotic print looks great in summer.

Jobs & occasions: A button-down shirt is sporty and yet stylish that you can wear with fabric trousers or

wearing chinos. Choose gray or blue flannel shirts with jeans during the cold season. In

Pink or light blue men's shirts stand for smart statements in spring and summer.A must-have for official occasions is a white shirt with a slim fit for a masculine look