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Saturday morning and the sun is shining. Today you are going out to the lake with your friends, where you are camping

and want to cricket. You put on your cargo shorts. Loose and airy, it's perfect for

Outdoor adventures in summer temperatures. Mobile phone, wallet and pocket knife quickly disappear into the practical trouser pockets. You shoulder your backpack and off you go outside, where your friends are already waiting for you. You can read in this guide why short cargo pants are a must in the wardrobe in summer and which variants are available:

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Practical and casual - Cargo shorts

Whether for military style or outdoor activities, there are many reasons why men's cargo-style shorts belong in a well-stocked wardrobe. The many patch side pockets are characteristic of the trekking shorts. Mobile phones, small change or pocket knives can be quickly stowed away and always to hand on hikes, climbs or bicycle tours. So that nothing gets lost, the trouser pockets of most cargo trousers can be closed with a zip or Velcro fastener and button. Thanks to robust materials such as cotton and functional synthetic fibers, Indicode Cargoshorts are particularly hard-wearing, so they can withstand almost any adventure unscathed. But it's not just their functional comfort that makes cargo-style shorts so popular. In beige and olive green or with a camouflage pattern, they are popular basics for authentic military looks.

Leisure & Outdoors: Combine Cargo Bermuda Shorts

Cargo pants are uncomplicated pants that you can always style differently with lots of variety. Robust fabrics make the casual shorts hard-wearing and comfortable to wear for a wide variety of activities:

Summer in the city: Cargo shorts for everyday urban life

It's no secret that cargo-style Bermuda shorts have long been a fixture in the summer urban jungle. The casual pants accompany you to meetings in the park or beer garden and you also cut a fine figure in cargos on vacation.

  • Chino cargo shorts are a good choice for a stroll through town or a date. They combine the style of elegant chinos with the casualness of trekking trousers. A modern outfit is created when combined with a polo shirt and moccasins.
  • You're super dressed for meeting friends with loose-fitting camouflage cargo pants. The military look is complete with an oversize shirt and sneakers.
  • When on vacation you make a fashion statement with cargo shorts with a Hawaiian print. Fashionable wear the patterned shorts in a pattern mix with the striped shirt. A combination of patterned trousers and a plain top is always stylish.

Out into nature: Cargo shorts for outdoor activities

Whether hiking, trekking, fishing or camping, with short cargo pants you are perfectly dressed for a trip into nature and benefit from functional wearing comfort:

  • During hikes or climbing tours, shorts in olive and brown tones are uncomplicated companions that follow every movement. Short cargo pants in muted colors are stain-resistant and, thanks to hard-wearing materials, robust.
  • Thanks to their many pockets, cargo shorts prove to be functional basics on trekking tours or fishing trips. Instead of in a backpack, you can stow utensils in the many trouser pockets.
  • Calf-length cargo protects the legs from UV rays or insect bites during outdoor activities in the sun. When the temperature is hot, trousers in lighter shades ensure a pleasantly cool feeling.

Cargo pants in different fits

You can find cargo shorts in narrow and loose fits. So that you feel completely comfortable, men's shorts should fit your figure. Here is an overview of the different cuts and fits of short cargo pants:

Regular fit Cargo shorts

These regular-cut pants fit suits men of all body types. Regular fit shorts sit casually and hide a slight tummy. A straight leg ensures that the shorts flatter men with stronger legs. If the trouser legs are too wide, you can adjust the leg width at the hem of most Indicode cargo shorts.

Slim fit Cargo shorts

If you are slim, slim fit shorts are a good choice to flatter your figure. Men with thin legs also benefit from narrow-cut trekking shorts, because the silhouette appears a bit wider due to the patch pockets. Many slim fit cargo shorts move with you thanks to stretch materials and elastic cuffs and don't slip.

Shorts in different lengths

You can find cargo shorts from Indicode in knee-length or calf-length fits. Short shorts are the right length if they hit the knee. 3/4-length cargo shorts reach below the knee. Calf-length men's trousers look particularly good on tall men. Shorter pants stretch optically and are recommended if you are a little smaller. Combine short cargo pants sporty with high-top sneakers or robust with boots. Calf-length shorts look great with flat sneakers.

How to properly care for Cargoshorts

High-quality cargo-style shorts are made of robust and easy-care materials. Just follow the care tips below and you will definitely enjoy your Cargos for years:

  • You will find all important care instructions on the sewn-in care label
  • Empty all pockets before washing
  • Close all zippers and Velcro
  • Turn dark or colored cargo inside out before washing
  • It is best to treat stubborn stains with gall soap before washing
  • Indicode cargo shorts are usually machine washable at 30 to 40 degrees
  • Dry your shorts in an airy place out of direct sunlight

Indicode men Shorts: Cool basics with lots of storage space

With their mix of cool casualness and modern functionality, cargo shorts are popular basics for summer and spring.In summer, you defy the heat in short shorts from Indicode, which guarantee airy comfort. For outdoor activities, calf-length cargo is ideal for roaming through nature protected. A variety of colors and patterns ensures that

You can buy exactly the cargo shorts that perfectly match your style in our online shop:

Classic cargo shorts for outdoor adventures: in muted colors such as brown or olive green, cargo shorts are ideal for hiking, cycling or trekking. Small items can be stowed safely and within easy reach in the side pockets of the pants. Models that end below the knee offer you protection against UV rays or insect bites.

Fashionable cargo pants for leisure: Cargo pants with a camouflage pattern form the basis for authentic military looks. Trendy models such as cargo shorts with a Hawaiian pattern create a holiday mood. Chino Cargos promise urban looks, which you can wear with a polo shirt and sneakers on a date or for a stroll through the city.