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The spring sun is shining, but it's still pretty cool on this Saturday morning. For the way to the bakery you pull a light men's quilted vest over your sweater. After you have done the annoying weekend shopping, you make yourself comfortable in sweatpants, long-sleeved shirt and sweat vest. On Sunday we go on a sailing trip. As the weather is unstable, you take your warm outdoor vest with you. It keeps you nice and warm and gives you freedom of movement when sailing. Read more about vests and which model suits you and your lifestyle.

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  • Casual men's vests: from denim vests to sweat vests
  • Waistcoats: fashionable companions in everyday life
  • In an outdoor vest warm through the transitional period
  • Glet vests in different materials
  • The right waistcoat fit
  • Casual and sporty men's waistcoats at Indicode

Casual waistcoats: from denim waistcoats to sweat waistcoats

With a denim vest you give your look a rock touch and you are in everyday life and on

Festivals on the go. In the destroyed style, a sleeveless denim jacket goes well with a long sleeve and jeans in the warm season. In autumn you wear a dark gilet with a checked shirt and cargo pants.

You like athleisure outfits? Show off your well-trained upper arms with a training vest and tank top. At home you combine a gray sweat vest with jogger pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Your outdated grandpa image has left the cardigan behind.

Quilted waistcoats: fashionable everyday companions

When temperatures are cooler in spring or autumn, a quilted vest is a great alternative to a sleeveless denim jacket. Light and fashionable, padded men's waistcoats can be quickly put on and go with almost all everyday looks. Decorative quilting ensures individual designs and a warm wearing comfort. If you have a stronger build, you can find XXL quilted vests at Indicode, which you can combine with a fleece shirt. Narrow models are perfect for slim men and can be worn with a fine knit sweater or shirt. In grey, olive, black or navy, quilted waistcoats with stand-up collars set subtle casual accents with jeans or chinos. For a young streetwear style, choose quilted vests with a hood, contrasting zippers and logo patches in bright colors like yellow or red.

In an outdoor vest warm through the transitional period

If you're into outdoor adventures in any weather, you'll definitely need a gilet for the

Transitional period in your closet. Because sleeveless vests have the advantage over winter jackets that they do not restrict freedom of movement when cycling or climbing and are temperature-compensating to wear.

Wind- and water-repellent outdoor vests with a hood protect you from moisture and wind. For hiking or cycling tours in the transitional period, you are well dressed in a light fleece vest. Because of their small pack size, you can easily stow thinner sports vests in a backpack or bicycle bag.

Thickly lined waistcoats and a pullover replace the between-seasons jackets on walks and keep the upper body warm. Spacious pockets, high stand-up collars, hoods and drawstrings are practical features that contribute to the wearing comfort of outdoor vests. Modern designs make it possible for you to wear sports vests for men in everyday urban life.

Glet waistcoats in different materials

A gilet for the transitional period should provide you with optimal protection from the cold and weather influences. So that you can benefit from optimal wearing comfort in any weather, you will find vests made of different materials at Indicode:

Wind and moisture: Indicode softshell vests are water- and wind-repellent and protect against wind and light moisture. Since softshell fabrics are breathable, you benefit from good moisture management during outdoor activities and don't sweat as quickly in a softshell sports vest.

Cold: Padded quilted vests are ideal for cold temperatures. Vests with a down look provide excellent warmth and not only have an advantage over real down vests in terms of price: Models with synthetic fiber fillings retain their voluminous appearance even when wet, while down collapses and clumps when wet. A hybrid vest is suitable for outdoor activities. Elastic inserts and a quilted front ensure freedom of movement and cozy warmth.

The right waistcoat fit

In order for you to feel good and look good in your new waistcoat, it should fit perfectly. In addition to the right size when buying a vest, pay attention to the following points:

  • The fit of an outdoor vest should be neither too loose nor too tight. XL quilted vests or denim vests that are too wide quickly look boxy. Models that are too tight restrict freedom of movement.
  • You can wear light, slim-fit quilted vests as an additional insulating layer under the jacket. A narrow-cut men's vest is less bulky and keeps the heat close to the body.
  • Depending on the style, waistcoats have different lengths. Sports vests have the optimal length when they sit at hip height. A smart gilet should end below the waistband.

Casual and sporty men's waistcoats at Indicode

It's cold in the morning, but it gets warmer during the day - especially in the transitional period, a vest is an ideal alternative if you don't feel like wearing a jacket. Sleeveless and light, quilted vests warm the upper body and look fashionable thanks to trendy colors and contrasts. Shop from warm fleece vests to casual denim vests with a hood at Indicode vests for men in sporty and trendy designs for every situation:

  • Vests for everyday use: denim vests go great with a checked shirt or T-shirt. Thanks to different washes and details, they ensure individual looks. Vests with a hood look sporty and protect you from the cold and wind. Sweat vests that you can wear alone with jeans or jogging pants are comfortable and perfect for leisure looks.
  • Fashionable gilet waistcoats: With a quilted waistcoat in a slim fit or a hooded waistcoat you are fashionable in everyday life. At Indicode you can buy vests for men with decorative

Quiltings make fashion statements and keep you reliably warm. Subtle colors and bright shades, zippers or logo patches underline the fashionable character of the classic vests.

  • Outdoor vests: In autumn or spring, warm vests are a great alternative to

Lightweight jacket. A fleece vest offers you functional comfort and freedom of movement, especially for outdoor activities. A quilted vest with a hood or a high stand-up collar not only protects your upper body, but also your neck, neck and head from the wind and cold. Warm inner lining and robust outer materials underline the functional character of the outdoor vests from Indicode.