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There is an important business appointment on the calendar and you absolutely have to appear confident. You decide on a light blue business shirt with a dark gray suit. The appointment went well, but your shirt got a coffee stain. No problem, you exchange it for a white T-shirt during the lunch break. In it you are later super dressed for the restaurant visit with your girlfriend. You can't go wrong with a shirt or classic t-shirt. Here we tell you what you have to consider when buying shirts and how to combine shirts and men's shirts. Learn more about:

  • Men's T-shirts: essential basics
  • Casual shirts for everyday looks
  • Classic shirts for formal occasions
  • From slim to loose fit: find the right fit
  • Stylish combination options with t-shirts and shirts - shirts and shirts from timeless to fashionable - Indicode

Men T-shirts: essential basics

Whether in everyday life, at work or during sports, a t-shirt makes you look good in almost every situation. Regardless of the weather, you can wear tees all year round and enjoy comfort. So that you don't get bored, Indicode offers basic shirts in numerous colours, with front prints, all-over prints or patches. T-shirts also vary in terms of fit.

Slim fit shirts define the figure, while regular fit tops are looser. The streetwear classic par excellence is the white crew-neck shirt for men. Models with a V-neck are great to wear under a shirt. A Henley long-sleeved shirt with a button placket looks sporty with a quilted waistcoat.

Casual Shirts for everyday looks
You like timeless outfits with style? Then you should wear shirts instead of t-shirts more often. If the business shirt is too elegant for you at work, grab a casual shirt. The casual styles combine the look of elegant shirts with a sporty collar. The checked shirt is almost a classic that gives every outfit a masculine touch. Whether as a jacket with a lumberjack look or with small checks for the urban lifestyle, you will find casual shirts with checks in many variants. Another casual classic is the denim shirt. Different washes and details make denim shirts sometimes extravagant, sometimes timeless.

Classic men's shirts for official occasions

No excuses! Every man should have an elegant shirt in his closet. There are enough occasions to really dress up in a stylish shirt. Business shirts with a slim fit discreetly emphasize the upper body and, thanks to the elastic fabric qualities, do not constrict. You can wear models with a Kent collar perfectly with a tie. A men's shirt with

looks sporty and stylish

Button-down collar off. A classic is the long-sleeved white shirt, which you can combine with jeans and suits of all colors. Shirts in pink, dark or light blue add color to the suit look.

From slim to loose fit: find the right fit

Business and casual shirts are available in a wide variety of fits. Whether you decide on a slim fit shirt or a loose fit model with a wider cut depends primarily on your figure. Here is a brief fitting guide for men's shirts:

Slim Fit Shirts
Slim Fit shirts are tailored and suit slim men. Models that are cut close to the body usually have an elastic proportion of elastane for a comfortable fit.

Modern Fit Shirts
A modern fit shirt has a slightly looser cut. These styles are not quite as tight in the waist area, but they are just recommended for slim men.

Regular Fit Shirts
Regular fit shirts have a straight cut and are comfortable. This fit ensures a clear line and a loose fit. Men with a normal figure or a slight belly are well advised to wear regular fit shirts.

Comfort Fit Shirts
A comfort fit is a shirt fit that plays loosely and loosely around the upper body. Casual shirts are suitable for men with a stronger physique and conceal a tummy.

Stylish combination options with t-shirts and shirts
Shirts and t-shirts are classics that offer you endless possibilities to give your look an elegant or casual fashion upgrade.

  • Simple shirts for men replace the shirt and look cool with a classic suit. With jeans and sneakers, narrow T-shirts in white or black are perfect for masculine casual looks.
  • Checked shirts are timeless and casual tops that you combine with cargo pants and boots in a lumberjack look. Denim shirts become summer jackets when you wear them open with a tank top and shorts
  • Colorful T-shirts with all-over prints have eye-catching potential and should be combined with simple pants or shorts. Long sleeves with front prints, together with destroyed jeans, are essentials for many streetwear looks.
  • Casual outfits are perfect for going out with a combination of jeans, a white business shirt and a jacket. Classic men's shirts look casual when you wear them over trousers.

Shirts and shirts from timeless to fashionable - Indicode

T-Shirts One can never have enough. Indicode shirts and long-sleeves not only go well with jeans, chinos or shorts, but also with suit trousers. Whether with a V-neck, round neckline or button placket, narrow or wide, tees are the perfect basis for modern street styles.

You can also find shirts in many designs at Indicode. While the classic shirt is perfect for occasions and work, the leisure shirt is one of the fashion favorites for a smart casual look. Wear a checked thermal shirt as a jacket in the fall. For the summer you can buy patterned shirts online that spread the holiday mood with their striking all-over prints. You can find these shirts with us:

Men's T-Shirts: Whether classic in white, with exotic prints or sporty stripes, T-shirts are so diverse that there is a suitable item for every fashion taste. Real favorites are tees with XXL front prints or meaningful lettering.

Business shirts: The long-sleeved shirts are characterized by a timeless look. In subtle colors they are stylish in the office and at celebrations. Fits from slim to loose fit ensure that there is the perfect business shirt for every man.

Casual shirts: Casual shirts from Indicode usually have a comfortable regular fit. Checks, stripes or prints add variety to the shirt look. You can wear lined shirts like a jacket. Denim shirts are classic rock statements.