Just one more hour, then your girlfriend will pick you up for a short trip. You get your travel bag and think about which clothes you should take with you. In addition to jeans, shirt and pullover, you also pack your jogging pants. When you are in the hotel room in the evening after a visit to the restaurant, you take off your shirt and tie and make yourself comfortable in your sports pants - now the holiday can begin. There are probably only a few styles that are as comfortable and casual as men's jogging pants. Our guide tells you which sweatpants suit which situation and how you can combine jogging pants.

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Jogging pants: casual & comfortable

In the past, women and men only wore sweatpants to chill on the couch or to the gym. Today, casual pants have long since arrived in our everyday lives. Modern jogging pants are not only visually different from the baggy pants of the 80s. Different materials, cuts and designs give fashionable models optimal wearing comfort and make them the new must-haves for relaxed streetwear styling and sport.

Training pants for gym and outdoor sports

Are the running shorts too cool for a jog? You won't freeze in long sports trousers and, thanks to the balancing wearing properties, you won't sweat as quickly. Body-hugging models with elastic cuffs on the legs ensure a dynamic look. Casual jogging pants keep you nice and warm during the warm-up and accompany you home comfortably after the workout.

Jogging pants for everyday urban life

Sports pants with decorative seams, logo patches and zip pockets are increasingly dominating streetwear looks. Narrow-cut jogging pants form a slim figure and can also be worn in everyday life when properly combined. Men's chino-fit training pants look tasteful and can be worn with a shirt or t-shirt. Different fabrics, restrained colors and jeans looks or camouflage prints set trendy and stylish accents.

Comfortable jogging pants for at home

There is hardly a man who doesn't like to wear a pair of cozy sweatpants after work

Cotton hatches. In winter it warms you thanks to a cuddly inside. In summer, models made of thinner materials ensure pleasant, light wearing comfort. Thanks to the elastane content, sports pants follow every movement and keep their shape even after prolonged wear.

Sports & leisure: How to combine sweatpants

If you want to wear jogging pants in everyday urban life, you need to have a flair for styling. In addition to jogging pants made of soft sweat fabric, you will find models made of non-slip fabrics such as twill or pants made of soft imitation leather. Pants in dark colors or classic gray are ideal for everyday urban wear. Details such as logo patches, contrasts or melanges give jog pants an authentic look.

A no-go is a complete sweat look consisting of sweat pants and a sweat jacket. You can only wear this outfit for sports or at home.

To make an urban statement, it's best to combine jogging pants with narrow tops such as slim-fit shirts or T-shirts. You can wear dark or gray slim fit sweatpants with a denim shirt and cardigan.

Light jogging pants go great with a long sleeve shirt and an open lumberjack shirt.Sneakers or boots as well as a denim or leather jacket complete the outfit

If you have the courage to break the style, combine dark sports trousers with a white shirt. A flight jacket and men's lace-ups go well with this. The look becomes elegant with a dark jacket and loafers.

Wide & narrow: The right fit for you

You can find sweatpants in fits from narrow to wide. If you are looking for comfortable leisurewear, you should buy casual, wide jogging pants. For everyday wear or jogging, slimmer models with elastic cuffs are preferable.

Wide jogging pants

The fit doesn't play such a big role when it comes to super-casual sports pants. They should be comfortable and loose fitting and not be too long. The cuff on the pant leg should end just below the ankle. Otherwise, whatever you like is allowed.

Regular fit jogging pants

You can easily wear straight-cut training pants in everyday life. Jog pants that taper towards the hem like chinos look particularly well-groomed. Men with strong thighs will benefit from this carrot shape.

Slim fit sweatpants

Slim men look great in sweatpants with narrow legs. It is important that the sweatpants do not constrict at the hips, thighs and calves. The edges of the

Do not mark the side or back pockets under the fabric of the trousers. Slim-fit training pants are not only suitable for running and ball sports, but also for cool fashion statements in the club or in the urban jungle.

Short jogging pants

Wouldn't you like to do without comfortable jogging pants even in the warm season? Then short sweat shorts are a great alternative. Shorts made of soft sweat fabric are super comfortable and give you legroom on warm days. Whether as cargo shorts or short chinos, short sweatpants are absolutely suitable for everyday use.

Care tips: sweatpants

Since sweatpants are often used every day, they have to be washed as often. Here we explain what you can do to ensure that your new jogging pants stay beautiful for a long time:

  • Be sure to follow the washing instructions on the care label
  • Cotton jogging pants are usually machine washable at 30 or 40 °C
  • You can tumble dry many models at a low temperature - dark jogpants should be turned inside out before washing

Indicode jogging pants for sport and everyday use

Men's jogging pants are a real all-rounder that you can wear for sports and everyday life. In recent years, sports pants have received a fashion upgrade and are available in exciting fits and designs in the Indicode online shop. What all training pants have in common is that they are extremely comfortable to wear. Soft materials pamper the skin and ensure breathable and moisture-regulating wearing properties during activities. Elastic cuffs ensure that nothing is constricting. Discover a large selection of jog pants for relaxed and sporty looks at Indicode.

Jogging pants for sports: long, narrow-fitting sports pants are functional and warm companions for outdoor sports in autumn and winter. In the gym, you reach for looser-cut sweatpants that you can wear over your training pants to warm up.

Jogging pants for leisure: Slim fit jogging pants are great for a casual street style, and you can combine them with a shirt or muscle shirt. Carrot-shaped sweatpants promise well-groomed looks. They can be combined like chinos.Materials containing elastane guarantee shape stability and wearing comfort in high-quality jog pants for men