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After a long day at the university you want to go to the newly opened cocktail bar with a few fellow students for happy hour. During a short stop in your apartment you exchange your jeans for your

Slim fit chinos, put on a white shirt and slip on your slippers. A look in the mirror tells you that this is exactly the outfit for the first cocktail of the summer. Chinos for men are suitable for almost every occasion, are super comfortable and stylish. You can read about which models are available and how to combine them in our styling guide on chinos.

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Chinos in a variety of fits and designs

Classic chinos are cut wider at the hips and thighs and have narrower trouser legs. In contrast to cargo pants with the typical leg pockets, chinos have two side pockets and one back pocket. Originally made of cotton, today you can find models in a wide variety of materials, including corduroy, sweat fabric or denim. In addition to timelessly beautiful trousers, you will discover numerous variants of the popular trousers styles in the Indicode online shop:

Regular Fit Chinos: The straight-cut trousers are moderately wide and look good on men with a normal figure. Thanks to the well-groomed look, you can wear these pants in the office or at university. Depending on the season, you can choose between models in beige or light gray for the summer and styles in dark blue or black for the cold season. Chinos in brown and olive are classics that are worn all year round.

Elegant chinos: Elegant slim-fit fabric trousers replace suit trousers. Slim chinos

Pants in beige go well with dark blue jackets, white shirts and derbies. Pressed creases give the chinos for men a classic, formal touch. An elegant leather belt and a handkerchief round off the elegant look.

Slim fit chino pants: With narrow chinos you emphasize your legs. In the summer, slim trousers look

stylish in pastel tones. They go well with cropped tops. Pair pink pants with a baggy shirt and slippers. The outfit gets a casual touch when you roll up your trouser legs.

Casual chinos: In your free time you are comfortable in loosely cut men's trousers. In summer, wide chinos look great with a narrow polo shirt and moccasins. In autumn you wear the loose fit trousers with a long-sleeved shirt or fine-knit sweater. Short coat and boots complete the look.

This is how trousers in chino style should fit

Chino trousers suit almost every body type thanks to their casual cut. So that you look really good in your new trousers, here are our fitting tips:

Waist - Chino pants sit perfectly at the waist if they are neither too tight nor too wide, i.e. can be worn without a belt.

Hip - Pants should loosely cover the hips and thighs. When sitting, it must not be tense.

Leg - Chinos are the perfect length when they rest lightly on the shoe. If you have your

If you want to roll up chinos, you should turn up the trouser leg no more than two or three times. The pants must end just above the ankle.

Style chino pants in different ways
Classic: Thanks to their well-groomed look, beige men's chino-style trousers are a guarantee for stylish casual looks. You can wear them with a simple polo shirt, depending on your taste or t shirt. White sneakers freshen up the outfit in a sporty way. On cold days, a long-sleeved shirt and a cardigan as well as suede boots go well with classic men's trousers.

Casual: Wide-cut trousers in brown or khaki are a good basis for a relaxed streetwear look. A denim shirt, a denim jacket and sturdy boots make a rocking statement. A combination of a wide shirt and sneakers is classic. In the cold season you can enjoy warm wearing comfort in chino pants, a turtleneck sweater, down jacket and hi-top sneakers.

Elegant: If you want to wear your chinos on official occasions, then it is best to choose a dark model. Together with a black slim-fit shirt and jacket as well as dress shoes, a

is created

elegant look. A combination of a gray polo shirt, pink trousers and loafers looks smart.

Wash chinos properly
If you follow our care tips, you will be able to enjoy your Indicode chinos for a long time:

  • Before you wash your pants, be sure to read the manufacturer's label
  • You can usually wear cotton trousers and models made from a cotton mix at 30 to 40 degrees in the

Machine wash

  • Use liquid color detergent for colored and dark trousers
  • Turn dark and bold colored pants inside out before washing
  • To keep elastic pants in shape, you must not use fabric softener
  • Since cotton can shrink, you should air dry chinos - cloth trousers are ironed inside out

Indicode - stylish chino pants for men
If you are looking for a basic that is casual like jeans and stylish like suit trousers,

will do

Chinos will definitely be among your favourites. You can find the stylish all-rounders at

Indicode in many wearable colors. Fits from slim to casual ensure that every man can buy the perfect men's chinos from us. While long trousers are popular in autumn and winter, chino-style shorts with unusual prints provide a fashionable change in summer.

In the office: you wear chinos in subtle shades such as brown or beige with a shirt or fine-knit sweater in your everyday work. A leather belt and dress shoes complete the outfit.

In your free time: You can combine casual models in olive green or dark red with a shirt and sneakers. A denim jacket or a thick sweater complete the streetwear look.

For official occasions: black chinos are always stylish. Wear it with a black turtleneck, dark blazer and Chelsea boots. Light chinos with a white shirt, dark blue suit jacket and derbies are classic.