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You're late. You desperately search for your jeans between the pile of your pants. Since you can't find them, decide on chinos that you rarely wear. The day was hectic and only after work do you realize how good you felt in the cloth trousers. On Saturday evening you have just made yourself comfortable in your jogging pants when your smartphone rings. Your best friend is in town and suggests a meetup. Jeans and a T-shirt are quickly put on and you're ready for a pub crawl like in the old days. Whether relaxed jogging pants, cool jeans or chic chinos, men's trousers are available in countless variations. So that the choice doesn't become an agony, we'll tell you which trousers are suitable for which occasion and how you can combine them:

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Jeans - denim evergreens
Jeans are undoubtedly the garment that most influences our style. Different cuts and washes give Indicode Jeans different designs from timeless to edgy. If timeless regular fit jeans are absolutely established at work, you can wear comfortable baggy pants with destroyed details to chill out in the park. The denim classic men's jeans can do a lot and can be easily combined. On official occasions, black slim-fit jeans look great

Shirt and jacket look great. In your free time, a hoodie casually rounds off wide-cut blue jeans.

Chino pants - stylish all-rounders

With chino pants you are buying a piece of clothing that can be combined in many different ways. The long trousers are characterized by a medium-high waistband, carrot-shaped trouser legs, side pockets and a back pocket. Men with larger thighs in particular benefit from the tapered leg shape of the chinos. Thanks to elastic fabric qualities with a high proportion of cotton, narrow chinos are also very comfortable to wear. It looks casual with a rolled-up hem with a shirt and sneakers. Combined with a shirt and suit jacket, regular fit chinos are perfect for a casual office look.

Cargo trousers - practical and casual
The patch leg pockets are characteristic of the men's cargo trousers. They offer plenty of storage space for

Smartphone and various little things. Thanks to the elastic waistband and drawstring, long cargo trousers by

Indicode comfortable work trousers for outdoor activities or outdoor work. The casual men's trousers are usually worn with sneakers, a T-shirt or a sweater. A modern look is created by a combination of cargo, a high-necked shirt and sturdy boots. In summer, cargo-style shorts are practical and combine with a tank top for an airy feel.

Linen trousers - airy and chic
Due to their light wearing comfort, linen trousers from Indicode are the ideal men's trousers for the summer. Linen is particularly breathable and has a cool feel. As a result, loosely cut linen trousers have a cooling effect on warm days. You can wear elegant linen chinos together with a white shirt or polo shirt in the office. Your outfit will be casual with a combination of long linen pants, a T-shirt and toe separators. You can find linen shorts as serious business shorts or casual Bermuda shorts.

Jogging pants - comfortable and trendy
We have long since worn jogging pants not only at home or in the gym.Jogger cargo pants accompany you relaxed through everyday life and go well with modern streetwear looks In addition to maximum functionality, Indicode sweatpants are characterized by a variety of designs and fits. You can wear narrow jogging pants in the style of chinos with a shirt. A stylish

Sports trousers with decorative seams go well with a shirt and denim jacket. Wide jogging pants that you combine with a tank top are comfortable