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You're enjoying your day off because it's finally getting warm and the sun is shining. In a t-shirt and shorts you sit on the balcony and drink your coffee. In the evening you meet up with some friends in your favorite bar. The t-shirt is too casual for the stylish environment. A dark polo shirt and brown chinos are just the ticket. Suede slippers complete your night out look. Find out everything you need to know about men's shirts and polo shirts and how to combine them in our little fashion guide.

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Men T-shirts and polos: Basics with many facets

Whether as a short-sleeved shirt, a sleeveless tank top or as a long-sleeved long-sleeved shirt, t-shirts are just as varied as their sporty counterparts, the polo shirts. Depending on your situation, you can choose between different fits, designs and colors for polo shirts and shirts. T-shirts with a round neck, V-neck or button placket, polo shirts are characterized by a polo collar and a short button placket. Sometimes narrower and sometimes wider, the shirts stand for looks ranging from masculine to casual to elegant.

The T-shirt: A style for all situations

Short-sleeved t-shirts
Jeans and a t-shirt are exactly your thing? Then a basic tee is probably indispensable in your fashionable lifestyle. Casual, cool and simple - the classic men's t-shirt stands for a relaxed casual style. Spring and summer must-haves include

Short sleeve shirts and polo shirts. Men who love fashionable looks go for T-shirts with all-over prints, contrasting sleeves or breast pockets. Soft materials such as cotton or viscose spoil you with a soft feel. You wear a plain, white, short-sleeved, slim-fit T-shirt with chinos and an open shirt. On cool days, you can make an uncomplicated statement with jeans, a basic shirt and a leather jacket.

Tank tops
Masculine and super airy - a tank top for men gets you in the mood for summer and a round

Basketball in the park. The sleeveless shirts with the deepened armholes give freedom of movement and don't make you sweat so easily. If you want to emphasize your muscular upper arms, a muscle shirt is just right. If your body isn't in top shape, choose a casual, wide tank top. Whether with swimming shorts on the beach or with jeans in the summery city, men's tank tops are sporty all-rounders for many leisure activities.

Long-sleeved shirts
If the weather can't make up its mind, a long-sleeved shirt will save your day. The long-sleeved t-shirt keeps your upper body warm on cooler days. Elastic

Material qualities ensure balanced wearing comfort and pamper you with a soft

Skin feel. Open edges, logo patches made of artificial leather, prints or contrasts give Indicode long-sleeved shirts individuality. You can wear single-colored long sleeves casually with jeans and a cardigan or elegantly with a jacket. Models with raglan sleeves in contrasting colors match the sporty hooded sweat jacket.

From a sports shirt to a fashion favourite: the men's polo shirt

Short-sleeved polo shirts
If the t-shirt is too casual and the shirt too elegant, the short-sleeved polo shirt comes into play 

In you are stylishly dressed for almost every occasion. Cotton polo shirts are skin-friendly, breathable and easy to care for. Men's polo shirts in grey, dark blue or olive with striped accents or stitching look timelessly elegant. Vintage looks, colorful all-over patterns or camouflage prints make short-sleeved polo shirts fashionable eye-catchers. Narrow polo-style shirts look elegant in combination with chinos. A patterned polo shirt looks casual and fashionable with jeans.

Tip: Make sure that your polo shirt fits loosely and does not constrict the upper arms. Polos are the right length when they end at hip height.

Long-sleeved polos
Like a long-sleeved shirt, a long-sleeved polo shirt provides warm comfort in cooler temperatures. Ribbed cuffs on the sleeve ends give polo shirts a good fit. Elastic cotton qualities with a soft inside guarantee a cozy feeling on the skin. As with the short-sleeved T-shirts, you will find long-sleeved polo shirts with logo patches, embroidery or contrasting cuffs and polo collars. Casual polo shirts go well with sporty cargo pants. Polo shirts with emblems look elegant with trousers and a jacket.

Polo shirts for sports activities
As the name suggests, the polo shirt was originally worn by polo players. The polo shirt later established itself in golf and tennis. In polo shirts for men made of functional materials, you benefit from moisture-regulating and breathable wearing properties during sporting activities. Combine polo shirts for sports with short cargo pants, long sports trousers or simple shorts.

T-shirts and polo shirts from Indicode: from casual to stylish Cool and comfortable, men's t-shirts are must-haves that men would like to have a whole stack of in their closet . Whether in everyday urban life with jeans, in the gym with sports trousers or in the office with a suit, the T-shirt complements many looks. A polo shirt looks sporty with chinos and, together with trousers, breaks the dress code in the office. Is summer a long time coming? Long-sleeved shirts from Indicode are perfect for cool days and go well with a knitted cardigan. Are you looking for cool, comfortable basics? Look at the selection at Indicode:

T-Shirts: In summer, you can wear a shirt with jeans for everyday casual wear. A masculine tank top is perfect for sports and emphasizes well-trained upper arms. If you don't want to do without the shirt feeling in cool weather, a long-sleeved shirt is the perfect alternative to

Short sleeve shirt. Plain, patterned, with prints or contrasts, T-shirts set men in the spotlight. High-quality cotton ensures that Indicode men's T-shirts are easy to care for and simply comfortable.

Men's polo shirts: The polo shirt is a style for sporty and elegant looks. With the typical polo collar and button placket, polos stand for smart looks. For official occasions with a casual dress code, a polo shirt goes well with trousers. In everyday life you wear fashionable polo shirts with jeans or shorts. The variants of sporty polo shirts at Indicode range from styles with eye-catching prints or contrasts to timeless, plain-colored and striped polo shirts.