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Leather jackets for men - cool classics for every day

You're running late and don't have time to change for the date. You quickly exchange the

Sweatjacket against your leather jacket. A quick look in the mirror and you smile: the motorcycle jacket looks super casual and boosts your self-confidence. Later you stroll through the city. It's getting cold and you can see that she's freezing. You gently put your jacket over her shoulders. She snuggles up in the warm, soft leather and smiles at you - you can rely on your favorite jacket. Here we explain what you have to consider if you want to buy a men's leather jacket online and which models are popular.

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  • Leather jackets for statements from rock to elegant fits: Which jacket suits you?
  • Real leather or faux leather jacket? The Differences
  • Care tips: This keeps your jacket looking good for a long time - Indicode leather jackets for every occasion

Leather jackets for statements from rocking to elegant

The leather jacket is definitely one of the classics and is in season all year round. Not only as a motorcycle leather jacket is it a fashionable synonym for freedom and adventure. Also in urban

Everyday, the masculine styles help their wearer to appear self-confident. A variety of designs makes it easy for you to find a leather jacket for men in the Indicode online shop that suits you and your lifestyle perfectly.

Men's biker jackets: Cool & masculine

Are you more of a casual type and do you feel most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt? Then you make a great choice with a leather jacket in biker style. Typical of the short motorcycle jacket in black is an asymmetric two-way zip, epaulettes and a stand-up collar. Modern variants of the biker jacket from Indicode score with striking quilting, cool pocket details, zippers and trendy vintage looks.

Aviator jackets: Sporty & casual

Sporty looks are your thing? A short, military-style bomber or flight jacket gives you freedom of movement and lots of style. Whether made of smooth or imitation leather, characteristic of a

Aviator leather jackets in brown or black have cuffs on the hem and sleeves, pockets, a front zip and a turn-down collar. Logo patches in the form of patches and metal badges ensure authentic military looks on bomber leather jackets.

Leather blousons: Stylish & timeless

With a leather blouson you buy a light leather jacket for men that fits comfortably and goes with everyone

Looks right. Knitted cuffs on the hem and on the sleeves as well as a zipper and side pockets are typical of the timeless jackets with a stand-up collar. In the office, an elegant leather jacket replaces the jacket. In leisure time, it goes well with chinos and a fine-knit sweater.

Winter jackets made of leather: Warm & robust

When it gets colder, a lined leather jacket keeps men warm and guarantees casual

Statements. A faux leather jacket with a hood and warm inner lining protects you from the wet, cold and wind. An Indicode leather jacket in brown with a teddy lining and button placket is as stylish as a short coat. A bomber jacket made of imitation leather with a fur collar will keep you warm and cool throughout the winter.

Fits: Which jacket suits you?

You can find leather jackets from Indicode in different fits.Before heading out for a short

If you decide to wear a biker jacket or a hip-length bomber-style jacket, you should

Note points

  • Slim fit leather jackets look good on slim men and are ideal for the warm season. Patch pockets, epaulettes or padded quilting ensure that the stature of very slim men appears more masculine.
  • Regular Fit Faux leather jackets from Indicode have a regular fit. They are ideal for men who like casual, sporty looks. A regular-fit leather jacket conceals a small tummy and can be combined with a thick sweater in autumn.
  • Men's XXL leather jackets in a loose fit are ideal for more heavily built men. With their loose fit, they make a tummy disappear. Models with a longer cut and a warm inner lining are great for the cold season.

Tip: Real leather jackets expand a little over time. Therefore, slim fit models should not be bought too large.

Real leather or imitation leather jacket? The differences

If you want to buy a leather jacket, you have the choice between models made of artificial or genuine leather. Imitation leather jackets are much cheaper than e.g. B. Lambskin jackets. But are imitation leather jackets therefore also of lower quality? Here is a little material science

Faux leather

Jackets made of high-quality imitation leather can hardly be distinguished from real leather jackets. Faux leather is hard-wearing, durable and easy to care for. Vintage looks, different shades and individual details ensure trendy designs for imitation leather men's jackets. A faux leather jacket from Indicode is a real alternative for vegetarians or vegans.

Real leather

You can find real leather jackets made of smooth leather or suede. While a smooth leather jacket is easy to care for, a suede jacket is sensitive to moisture and dirt. Naturally supple and breathable, leather jackets guarantee a high level of comfort. Buying a genuine leather jacket is a small investment, so it's best to choose a timeless model.

Care tips: This way your jacket stays beautiful for a long time

If you follow these tips, your leather or imitation leather jacket will keep its beautiful look for a long time:

  • Note the care instructions on the sewn-in care label
  • To protect imitation leather or real leather jackets, they should be impregnated with a spray before wearing
  • Smooth leather jackets remain supple if you treat them regularly with a special leather care product
  • Jackets made of imitation leather can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth
  • To avoid unsightly wrinkles, leather jackets should be hung on a hanger

Indicode leather jackets for every occasion

Trends come and go - the leather jacket stays. With a leather biker jacket or a

Aviator jacket made of imitation leather by Indicode you go for a streetwear look in Nordic style in everyday life. At work, a leather blouson for men is a stylish alternative to a suit jacket. No matter what the occasion, in the Indicode online shop you can buy men's leather jackets online for:

Leisure time: In the club you look cool with a black leather motorcycle jacket, jeans and a T-shirt. A flight jacket made of smooth leather is nice and casual for meeting friends. Thanks to elastic cuffs, it keeps out the cold and wind and goes well with chinos.

Office: Depending on the dress code, you can wear a leather jacket with a stand-up collar instead of a suit jacket in the office or at external business appointments. Choose a simple model in black, brown or fashionable dark green.

Winter: A lined synthetic leather jacket with a hood by

protects you against cold, wet weather

Indicode. Men's jackets made of smooth leather are windproof, easy-care and robust. If you have something

if you have a stronger build, hip-length models with a loose fit are perfect for you.