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You were finally able to sleep in again and are looking forward to a relaxing Sunday. After a hot shower you slip into boxer shorts, a T-shirt, jeans and socks. In the kitchen you make yourself a coffee. You look out the window while drinking your coffee. It snowed overnight. Now the sun is shining and the park is under a white blanket of snow.

A little winter walk would be just right now. In the hallway you put on your winter jacket and boots.

Then you grab your hat, scarf and gloves and step outside the front door, wrapped up warm. Men's underwear and accessories complete every outfit. Read everything you need to know about pants & boxer shorts and how to use accessories to give your look the finishing touch.

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Boxer shorts: classics that are comfortable to wear

You can get through the day relaxed and comfortable in comfortable underwear. Whether it's retro pants, classic boxer shorts or briefs, men's underwear comes in many varieties.

Classic boxer shorts: They have a slightly wider fit and are airy to wear, especially in warm weather. Since classic boxer shorts have a loose cut, they go well with casual, wide pants or shorts. These underpants are also ideal for men with a belly.

Retro pants: close-fitting trunks are ideal underneath for slim-fit trousers and thin trousers. The sporty retro shorts with leg do not slip and guarantee a comfortable and safe wearing comfort. Flat seams and elastic cuffs ensure that nothing pinches.

Men's briefs: Short-cut briefs are comfortable to wear under all trousers. Mini slips, the so-called briefs, give you maximum legroom and guarantee a secure fit.

Men's underwear: what materials are there?

Since boxer shorts or pants are worn directly on the skin, they should be made of skin-friendly materials. Cotton retro pants are soft, breathable and absorbent. A stretchy proportion of elastane ensures that underpants adapt perfectly to the body and stay in shape.

Men's socks for every occasion: The basics of socks

Admittedly, socks tend to play a secondary role in an outfit. Nevertheless, choosing the right pair of socks is crucial for your well-being and styling. Here's our little sock basics:

Sports socks: Whether classic tennis socks or modern functional stockings, you will find sports socks in many designs. Functional socks with padding, which protect the foot from stress and warm it, are suitable for outdoor activities. Cotton socks for running training are absorbent, breathable and fit comfortably on the foot thanks to elastane.

Suit socks: Finely knit business stockings in black, dark blue or gray are the best choice for a suit. Ideally, business socks reach to the middle of the calf and close with an elastic comfort band. Indicode men's socks made of cotton have no annoying seams and ensure climate-regulating wearing comfort.

Leisure socks: With colorful men's socks you play at the forefront of fashion. Models with stripes,

Dots or diamonds are just as popular as socks with funny motifs.You can use patterned

Wear men's socks classic with jeans or fashionably with suit shoes and trousers

Sneaker socks: If you like to wear sneakers, you can't avoid the almost invisible short socks. Since sneaker socks end at ankle height, they are hardly or not at all visible in sneakers.

Well styled through everyday life with accessories

No look is complete without accessories. Because often it's the little things that give your look that certain something. Depending on the occasion, you can enrich your outfit with different accessories. On cold days, a fleece-lined beanie keeps your head and ears pleasantly warm.

You can also wear light beanies on warmer days. Give men casual scarves

Winter outfits individuality and pamper you with warm, cuddly materials. Knitted gloves are a must-have for cold days. In addition to finger gloves and mittens, you will find multifunctional models such as flip-top gloves at Indicode. Tasteful colors and chunky knit designs ensure variety when it comes to accessories.

Indicode - comfortable men's underwear and fashionable accessories

From comfortable retro pants to socks and hats, you'll find underwear and accessories that feel and look good at Indicode. Here is a brief overview of our range:

  • Indicode men's underwear consists of high-quality cotton that is produced under the conditions of the BETTERCOTTON INITIATIVE. You can get soft and well-fitting Indicode retro pants in packs of 3 or 7, saving you money.
  • From sneaker to sports socks, our men's socks guarantee excellent workmanship without pressing seams. Many Indicode socks are free of harmful substances and certified according to the OEKO-TEX standard.
  • Accessories give your look a personal touch. In winter, lined hats, knitted gloves and men's scarves complete the winter jacket. You can wear a beanie all year round for casual streetwear looks.